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Remove vCloud Director and Components

October 16, 2013 Jordansphere vCloud Director

To  completely uninstall vCloud Director 1.5 and its components then use the following steps as a guidline: 1) Log into your VCD administrators portal and remove everything possible. That includes VMs, VAPPs, VSEs, networks, organizations etc 2) Disable then Unprepare Hosts (this requires maintenance mode) Just for reference. If you ever want to manually put your hosts […]


uninstall remove vcloud director 1.5,

Splitting IP addresses when using DIRECT external network connection in vCloud Director 5.1 ?

January 22, 2013 Jordansphere vCloud Director

 I wanted to split a /24 subnet into 4 IP chunks per orgVDC. Using the new sub-allocation feature in vShield Edge you can configure this so one OrgVDC can only use a specific allocated range. However, what if you have an orgVDC that has a direct internet connection (eg connecting to the Internet directly without using […]


vshield external network edge gateway suballocation ip allocation vcloud director 5.1,

Creating a site-to-site VPN from Sonicwall to vShield Edge in vCloud Director

January 10, 2013 Jordansphere vCloud Director

I have an organisation in vCloud Director (called Jordansphere). I wanted to connect a VPN from this organisation to a remote site . The remote site uses a Sonicwall.   In this setup I have used FQDN as the LocalID and PeerID and 3DES with a shared secret.   Here are the steps. Create VPN […]


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