pVLANs and NSX-T VDS Switch Bug

Problem When attempting to add Primary and Isolated VLANs on an NSX-T (3.1.3) Enabled VDS switch we got the following error: Unable to set Pvlan Map: Status(bad0004)= Busy Resolution There is no resolution at the time of writing but this will be fixed in version 3.2 of NSX-T

Extend GPT iSCSI volume in Rocky 8

In this example I will be extending an XFS based iSCSI volume called Veeam_Repo_01 from 40TB to 55TB Firstly in the back end storage increase the volume On Rocky – Recan the initiator. Output: sdc 8:32 0 55T 0 disk└─Veeam_Repo_01 253:3 0 40T 0 mpath└─Veeam_Repo_01p1 253:4 0 36.4T 0 part /BACKUPsdd 8:48 0 55T 0 Read More…

Change Timezone in Rocky 8

The following quick guide will show how to change the timezone. In this example my Rocky * machine is set to America/New York but I need to change it to Europe/London. Confirm current timezone My output showed: lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 38 Oct 18 05:40 /etc/localtime -> ../usr/share/zoneinfo/America/New_York To list all timezones Once you have Read More…

Configure NTP Client on Rocky 8

The following quick-guide describes how to install and configure NTP Client on a Rocky or CentOS 8 OS. Check to see if Chrony is already installed If it is not installed run: Edit Chrony config file Replace pool 2.pool.ntp.org iburst with your desired NTP server eg (pool uk.pool.ntp.org) Restart chronyd service You will also need Read More…

Applying moref Properties. Remote-Invocation-Error: FSM Retries Exhausted Error

Problem When importing a configuration to a new Fabric Interconnect (6400) I got the following error: [FSM:FAILED]: Applying moref properties(FSM:sam:dme:MorefImportRootApplyMoRefs). Remote-Invocation-Error: FSM Retries Exhausted To find out what is pending – SSH to the FI and run the following I wasn’t concerned with these so to clear the import up.