Failed to Delete Interface of Edge Gateway

Problem: In vCloud Director 8.20 I was trying to remove an org network when the following error appeared : Cannot delete organization VDC network Failed to delete interace of edge gateway Resolution Re-deploy the Edge gateway then remove the org newtork once again.  

PowerCLI – Script to Output Usage from vCloud Director

The following PowerCLI command will output all the Organization VDCS with status, CPU, memory and storage usage & provider VDC which it belongs to   1) Connect to the vCloud Director instance Connect-CIServer -user administrator -password {password}     2) Run the following query Get-OrgVdc | Select Name,Enabled,CpuUsedGhz,CpuLimitGhz,MemoryUsedGB,MemoryLimitGB,StorageUsedGB,StorageLimitGB, ProviderVdc

Upgrade vCloud Usage Meter From to 3.6.1

Source VCUM :  3.6.01 – Target VCUM :   3.6.1 –   Process: 1) Deploy VCUM 3.6.1 from OVA on same network 1) Log into the source VCUM ( as root and enable SSH # service sshd start 2) Log into the target VCUM 3.6.1 ( as usgmtr and migrate data # migrateum 3) Read More…

Get ESXi Version and CPU Model via PowerCLI

Script: The following script will report the name, version, server hardware and CPU model of all ESXi hosts in the vCenter.   get-vmhost | select Name, @{N='ESXi version';E={"$($_.Version) $($_.Build)"}}, @{N='ESXi Hardware';E={"$($_.ExtensionData.Hardware.SystemInfo.Vendor) $($_.ExtensionData.Hardware.SystemInfo.Model)"}}, @{N='ESXi CPU Type';E={$_.ProcessorType}}   Output: