HPE Synergy Firmware Update – Shared Infrastructure

In this guide I will document the steps needed to upgrade the firmware on the shared infrastructure. It is assumed the Composer modules have already been upgraded.

The firmware in question is going from SY-2022.08.01 -> SY-2023.03.01

  1. Go to Oneview -> Firmware -> Firmware Bundles -> Add Firmware Bundle -> {upload firmware bundle} .

2. Go to Logical Enclosures -> {Select Logical enclosure} -> Actions -> Update Firmware.

3. Under Firmware baseline : {Select new fw bundle} -> Update Firmware for : Shared infrastructure -> Interconnect activation : Orchestrated -> OK

Note: It should display a list of updates to components below.

4. The rest of the process is automatic now and you can keep an eye on progress as it updates.

5. Once complete you can move onto updating the compute modules.