Make Subordinate Primary UCS

Problem: After a successful firmware upgrade of a UCSM and Fabric Interconnects (4.0.4 -> 4.1.3), Fabric B continued to be primary. I wanted to fail this back over. Solution: To make the Fabric A the primary again, SSH to Fabric B and use the following commands:

svMotion with Veeam CDP

Problem: svMotion is not supported with CDP replicas as it creates many extra files that are left behind thus breaking the replication. Solution: Currently the only workaround is: Remove VM from job/policy Remove replica vm from vsphere Manually move the files from datastore to datastore Re-add the vm in vsphere Re-add the vm in the Read More…

Remove VLAN and IP configuration in Windows 2019 Core

in this example I will remove VLAN 419 and associated IP addressing using Powershell This is a follow on from Remove IP addressing: Remove-NetIPAddress -IPAddress -PrefixLength 26 -InterfaceAlias “Storage – VLAN 419” Remove VLAN: Remove-NetLbfoTeamNic -Team “Storage” -vlanid 419