Configure NTP Client on Rocky 8

The following quick-guide describes how to install and configure NTP Client on a Rocky or CentOS 8 OS. Check to see if Chrony is already installed If it is not installed run: Edit Chrony config file Replace pool iburst with your desired NTP server eg (pool Restart chronyd service You will also need Read More…

Applying moref Properties. Remote-Invocation-Error: FSM Retries Exhausted Error

Problem When importing a configuration to a new Fabric Interconnect (6400) I got the following error: [FSM:FAILED]: Applying moref properties(FSM:sam:dme:MorefImportRootApplyMoRefs). Remote-Invocation-Error: FSM Retries Exhausted To find out what is pending – SSH to the FI and run the following I wasn’t concerned with these so to clear the import up.