Storage Adapters Not Displaying in Synergy SY480

Eighty (80) new ESXI 8.0 U1 on SY480 compute modules were deployed on HPE Synergy 12000 Frames running Oneview 8.3. Around 30% of the hosts did not show their FC Storage Adapters, as shown below.

Upon investigation via Oneview, the Mezzanine Slot 2 which contained the Synergy 5830C 32Gb FC HBA was not active

To fix the issue, reboot the blade then enter the BIOS,.

Go to System Configuration -> Adapter Settings (Synergy 5830C 32Gb HBA FC)->

Select the first port on the adapter (in this case Slot 2 Port 1)

You will be presented with an error dialog box saying Current value of “Frame Size ” setting does not match possible option values. Setting is forced to the default value

Press OK -> Then use the drop down on Frame Size to 2048 -> F10

Now move onto the the second port (Slot 2 Port 2) and following the exact steps above. Once saved, reboot the server

When the server reboots you should see the HBAs in ESXi