pVLANs and NSX-T VDS Switch Bug

Problem When attempting to add Primary and Isolated VLANs on an NSX-T (3.1.3) Enabled VDS switch we got the following error: Unable to set Pvlan Map: Status(bad0004)= Busy Resolution There is no resolution at the time of writing but this will be fixed in version 3.2 of NSX-T

Remove SSH Timeout from NSX-T Manager

The default timeout for SSH on NSX-T Manager is 10 minutes (600 seconds). This is rather annoying when you need to make a cup of tea and come back and all your sessions have disappeared. To remove the SSH timeout connect to the NSX Manager via the admin account using SSH. nsx01> set cli-timeout 0 Read More…

Change DNS Servers on NSX-T Manager

The DNS server in our environment changed. Use following process to remove and add new DNS servers in NSX-T (3.1.2) SSH to IP address of NSX-T Manager using the admin account Show Current Name Servers nsx01> get name-servers Output: Fri Aug 27 2021 UTC 09:25:44.26510.0.44.310.0.44.4 Remove Name servers nsx01> del name-server> del name-server Read More…

NSX-T Password Expiry Commands

Useful commands To reset a root password that has expired (and you still have the admin login) set user root password “new-pass” old-password “old-pass” To set the root password to never expire clear user root password-expiration To set no SSH timeout set cli-timeout 0

Upgrade NSX-T from 2.5.1 to 3.0

Upgrade NSX-T 2.5.1 to 3.0 Please find the step-by-step process for upgrading NSX-T 2.5.1 to 3.0  1) Download NSX Cloud Upgrade Bundle for NSX-T 3.0.0 from Vmware.com website. 2)  Log into NSX-T Manager Node (DO NOT USE VIP) Go to System -> Upgrade -> Upload MUB file -> {Select file} -> Upload This will upload Read More…