Create a Site-to-Site VPN between vShield Edge and Draytek


vCloud Director 5.1.1/ vShield Edge 5.1.1
Draytek 2820n (FW



Create VPN from vCloud to Draytek

Firstly we need to create the VPN in vCloud Director. Login to your virtual data centre then go to Administration -> Edge Gateways -> (right click vshield edge) -> Edge Gateway Services -> VPN.

Tick the Enable VPN then click Add.




We will also need to ensure that firewall rule is present (if enabled) to allow traffic from remote network to local network. In this case I just allow all traffic.




Create VPN from Draytek to vCloud

1: Go to the VPN Settings in the Draytek (VPN -> VPN and Remote Access -> LAN to LAN)


2. Edit the next available VPN profile

Ensure Call Direction is Both and the pre-shared key is entered correctly


Click the Advanced button

draytek_vcloud3 draytek_vcloud4

After we get the online status we can then check the routing tablle to see if the routes have appeared



I then tested connectivity by pinging from the VM to the workstation and vice versa.