Creating a site-to-site VPN from Sonicwall to vShield Edge in vCloud Director

I have an organisation in vCloud Director (called Jordansphere). I wanted to connect a VPN from this organisation to a remote site . The remote site uses a Sonicwall.


In this setup I have used FQDN as the LocalID and PeerID and 3DES with a shared secret.


Here are the steps.

Create VPN in vCloud Director (5.1)

Login to your organisation. Go to Administration ->Virtual Datacenters -> (Organisation Name). Select the Edge Gateways from the top tab.

Right click the Edge Gateways -> Edge Gateway Services -> VPN -> Add

The configuration tab will appear.

scroll down a bit


That will complete the configuration from the Edge gateway device. Make sure you press OK at the bottom to update the edge device.

Now for the remote end. Log into the Sonicwall. Go to VPN -> Settings -> Add

Fill out the General settings

Then click the Network tab

Finally click the Proposals tab

Then press ok.

Now, I thought this would be ok but the tunnel wouldnt connect. In the logs it said something about there not being a NAT/NAPT device in the way. To fix the this go to VPN ->Advanced and click the NAT Traversal option


Works perfectly. I could ping between our networks successfully.