New Node Gets Stuck in PendingActive State – NetApp Solidfire


When trying to add a new NetApp Solidfire (H610S4) node to an existing cluster the node became locked in a PendingActive state.



The log files showed the following error:

2019-11-25T13:47:50.149221Z node-sans11 master-1[26688]: [Bootstrapper] 26749 TickerIOService ms/Bootstrapper.cpp:1648:RunClusterSearch|Error in cluster search: ex=xInvalidVirtualNetwork at solidfire::IPAddress solidfire::VirtualNetworkInfo::ReserveAddress() (shared/VirtualNetworkInfo.cpp:302): Too few IP addresses supplied for VirtualNetwork 8

This notification does not present an information to the GUI was hard to track down.


It appeated that one of the VIPs only had a limit of 10 so when the 11th node was attempted to be added it wasnt able to assign it an IP address. 

1) The node needs to removed from PendingActive state using JSON

2)  Increate IP Pool where necessary

Go to Cluster -> Network -> Node ID (8 in this case) -> Edit -> (Increase IP pool)