Upgrading vCloud Usage meter 3.0.2 to 3.3

Original vCloud Usage Meter (VCUM) 3.0.2 =
New vCloud Usage Meter (VCUM) = 3.3.0  =


1) Download VCUM 3.3.0 OVA from VMWare website

2) Import OVA into via your vCenter (FILE -> DEPLOY OVF TEMPLATE ). Ensure this is on a different IP address to your current Usage Meter (in my case i am going to use

3)  On ORIGINAL VCUM (3.0.2)  take a snapshot incase anything goes awry . The default username and password is: root/vmware.  Start the SSHD service via the CLI by typing

# service sshd start

4) Now login into the console of the NEW VCUM (3.3). Log in with the root details then type in # importum {ip address of VCUM 3.02.} {version number} so in my case it will be

# importum 302 

5) You will then be prompted for the root password twice

6) When the import is complete shut down the original VCUM (3.0.2) and use the new appliance by going to 


Note: To upgrade from 3.2 -> 3.3 you will just need to download the zip file, unmount in the /root partition. Unzip the file then cd into the unzipped directory then run ./update-um