Zerto – Delete from Disk and Remove From Inventory Grayed Out


A customer did a Zerto test failover for a few VMs – which sadly failed. They ended up deleting the VPG and recreating it. This allowed them to complete the failover test and live migrate from Primary to DR (which is where these boxes will live). However, they were left with the old VMs in an unstable state whereas they could not be deleted or removed from the inventory. The VM names were:

  • VM1 – testing recovery
  • VMTesting01 – testing recovery
  • VMTesting02 – testing recovery



Firstly you need to open up a case with Zerto to get a program file called EnableVM.Zip. This needs to downloaded and extracted into  cd Program Files\Zerto\Zerto Virtual Replication\ on the ZVM


Go to the vCenter url ( )

Login with adminsitrator creditentials

click Content -> group link (under rootFolder) -> datacenter link (under childEntity) -> group link (under hostFolder) -> domain link (under childEntity) -> relevant host link (under host) -> Find MoreIf ID for each VM that you need to enable



When you have the ID : In this case its vm-106 Run the following via a command prompt:

cd Program Files\Zerto\Zerto Virtual Replication\EnableVm\EnableVm

EnableVm.exe [email protected] vm-106




You will need to run this for each VM that was affected. Once complete the option to delete from disk and remove from inventory will be enabled.