Apply New Certificate to Tenant App Portal for vCloud Director

Here are the steps to apply a new certificate to the tenant portal app (1.2.0)


1. Login into the appliance using the vsphere Web Client using the root username

Note: I could not find any documentation on what the root password was so I had to reset the password by entering the GRUB menu.and booting into single user mode.


2.  Copy the private.key and certificate files on the VM. I had to grab them from another server  ( using Secure Copy

scp [email protected]:/home/jordansphere/certs/private.key /home/
scp [email protected]:/home/jordansphere/certs/mycert.crt /home/


3. Convert to pem file

cat private.key mycert.crt > my.pem


4.  Insert certificate

docker cp /home/my.pem vvtv:/etc/ssl/app.pem


5. Restart service

docker restart vvtv