Changing Equallogic Replication Target

Scenario: I have a Equalliogic Group (Lets call this Group1 which has a single PS4000X  member – FW 5.1.2) which replicates a 2TB volume to Group2 (PS6000XV – FW 5.2.8). I wanted to stop this and replicate it to Group3 ( PS6100X  – FW 6.0.4)


Firstly you’ll need to check if it is possible/compatible to  replicate to differing firmwares. Check the Dell Equallogic Array Release Notes for this information.

Firmware on Group           Firmware on Partner

6.0                                       ->       5.1.x, 5.2.x,v6.0

5.1, 5.2                                 ->      5.0.x, 5.1.x, 5.2.x, 6.0.x

All good. Now for replicating the volume.

My initial thoughts were trying the following methods:

a) Completely remove the replication job and partner and then create a brand new one.
b) Or was it just a matter of modifying the replication partner by changing the IP address (and obviously setting the other end up)? Will the job just realise the whole LUN needs replicating to the new group?

The answer in the end was a mixture of the both

Firstly set Group1 and Group3 up as replication partners.

After that, log in to the source Group Manager (Group1 in my case). Select the Volumes -> then the volume you are interested in ->then Modify replication settings. Use the Replication partner drop down box to change the replication source (in my case to Group3).


You’ll get warning about changing groups.


Once you accept this the Group Manager will ask if you want to replicate the volume.

Job done. It will replicate the whole volume to the new group.