Configuring Management IP Address via Equallogic CLI


I installed a new EQL but didn’t want to physically connect into the ISCSI network to configure the management IP addressing. An alternative is to use the CLI to configure the settings:


1) Console to the EQL

2) Select the member you’d like to configure

dr-eqlgrp01> member select dr-eql0

3)  Activate the Mangement NIC. In this case it is eth2

dr-eqlgrp01(member_dr-eql01)> eth select 2 up

4)  Select NIC and set IP address

dr-eqlgrp01(member_dr-eql01)> eth select 2 
dr-eqlgrp01(member_dr-eql01 eth_2)> ipaddress netmask


You will get the following mesasage:

The default management gateway is not configured. You may not be able to manage
this group until you add the default management gateway.
Dedicated management network is enabled. Close all active GUI/CLI sessions and t
hen open new sessions that use management well-known addresses (MWKA) to manage
the group.


5) Set default gateway

dr-eqlgrp01(grpparams)> def-mgmt-gateway ipaddress

6) Set Group Management IP address

dr-eqlgrp01> grpparams 
dr-eqlgrp01(grpparams)> management-network ipaddress