Create NFS Share in CentOS

This document describes the process of creating an NFS share on a fresh install of CentOS 6. I will be sharing the directory /home/share for use in a test vCloud Director environnment. I will have two servers connecting to the NFS share ( and



Firstly its always wise to run an update after a fresh install

yum update

We will need ti install NFS and utilites

yum install nfs-utils

Start the NFS service

service nfs start

Start the RPC Bind service

service rpcbind start

Configure NFS to start on boot

 chkconfig nfs on

Configure RPC Bind service to start on boot

 chkconfig rpcbind on


Create directory you would like to share

mkdir -p /home/share

Edit the exports file

vi /etc/exports

Add the following two hosts (with relevant permissions):



You may need to open appropriate firewall rules for NFS