Error in fstab. Server doesnt boot

We’ve all probably done it at some point (or maybe this is your first time and you are frantically searching the web to find a fix).  Ok, so i made a typo in the fstab when mounting a new drive. The server doesn’t reload properly and you’ve had to run to the server room in order to get yourself in front of the console (or if its Vmware then simply open the console. Ahh the magic of virtualization)

The first thing to do is enter the root password. This gets you on your CLI.

Now lets go and fix that typo.

vi /etc/fstab


However we run into a problem because the file (etc/fstab) is read only.

To get around this type:

This remounts the root filesystem in read/write format.

Now you can go back into the into the fstab and fix the problem.