Features in vSphere Traditional Client Versus Web Client in 5.5

As we all know by now VMware are steering end users away from the traditional vSphere client and towards the web client. Below is a list of features that the other doesn't support.


Traditional vSphere Client

– Resource maps

– Update Manager. Users are able to scan hosts and attach baselines in the web client but not remediate hosts.

– Users are still able to connect directly to individual ESXi hosts whereas the Web Client can only connect to directly to vCenter.

Web Client

– vSphere Replication 

– The ability to manage the vSphere environment from any computer with a supported browser 

– VDP (VMware Data Protection)

– VM Hardware 10. If you need to create or edit a VM with HW version 10 then you must use the web client

– Configure vFlash Read Cache

– Enhanced vMotion