Find Temperature of CPU on Cisco s3260


I got an alert on a Cisco S-Series that CPU #1 and the rear temp was high in Zabbix (over 65c). There were no alerts via the CIMC GUI These temperatures did not match the sensors located in the GUI so i needed to track down where the values were actually coming from.



SSH to the CIMC named a-chvrepo01.

a-chvrepo01# scope server 1
a-chvrepo01 /server # scope sensor
a-chvrepo01 /server/sensor # show temperature



Name                          Sensor Status  Reading    Units      Min. Warning Max. Warning Min. Failure Max. Failure
————————-              ————– ———- ———- ———— ———— ———— ————
TEMP_SENS_FRONT        Normal         29.0       C          N/A          60.0         N/A          70.0
TEMP_SENS_REAR          Normal         33.0       C          N/A          80.0         N/A          85.0
P1_TEMP_SENS                Normal         36.5       C          N/A          76.0         N/A          84.0
P2_TEMP_SENS                Normal         36.0       C          N/A          76.0         N/A          84.0




TEMP_SENS_FRONT =      This is the intake temperature sensor. If this is too high, immediately verify that the ambient room temperature is within the desired range.
TEMP_SENS_REAR = This is the exhaust temperature sensor. If this is too high, verify that there are no obstructions to air intake or exhaust, and the air baffles in the server are installed as intended.
P1_TEMP / P2_TEMP = These sensors indicate overheating CPUs