Hostname Configuration Error – cPanel DNS Only

One of our cPanel DNS Only servers was throwing up the below error:

Hostname Configuration Error:

Your WHM server is configured with IP address and has a misconfigured hostname. This misconfiguration can cause some services on your server to not restart properly. The cause of your misconfiguration is:


WHM has detected a manual hostname change.


To fix this problem, we recommend that you perform the following action:


Update your hostname in WHM’s ( interface (Home » Networking Setup » Change Hostname).


Version of cPanel was 11.48.2.

Checking the hostname on the CLI showed that is was correct:

# hostname


Looking the Cpanel in the Change Hostname section also showed to be correct.


The fix for my issue was in the /etc/wwwacct.conf file. I had originally cloned this VM and the old hostname was showing in this file. I simply changed the HOST value in here.


To verify this warning wont occur in the future warnings you can run this command:

# /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/check_valid_server_hostname