vCloud Availability – Operation Aborted Due to an Unexpected Error


A customer deployed the vCloud Availaiblity 4.0 Appliance on site and was able to pair sites. However, as soon as any attempt was made to protect any VM they got an Operation aborted due to an unexpected error message


Looking the replicator logs on the we could see the following error messages:

2020-12-16 10:00:49.970 ERROR - [ebed0cb3-39f8-4b84-95cd-cac81759cca1] [pc-host-monitor-5] c.v.h.r.v.m.VimPCEntityRefresher         : Unable to retrieve properties for VC: VlsiSettings [authenticator=co, httpSettings=HttpSettings{version=interface com.vmware.vim.binding.vim.version.version9, proxyProto='null', proxyHost='null', proxyPort=-1, clientCert=null, t
humbprintVerifier=null, vmodlContext=com.vmware.vim.vmomi.core.types.impl.VmodlContextImpl@1f878eed, resultInterceptor=com.vmware.vlsi.util.ExceptionConverterInterceptor@2b, executorFactory=com.vmware.r
esource.CachedResourceFactory@824e0b3, executorSettings=ExecutorSettings [initialThreads=3, maxThreads=30, keepAliveTime=30, keepAliveUnit=SECONDS], proto='https', host='',
port=443, path='/sdk', maxConn=10, timeout=30000, trustStore=ClientCertificate{keystorePath='', keystoreAlias=''}}]

This was implying that the lookup services to the vcenter from the replicator was failing. Despite the GUI showing all statuses as fine (green) we edited the lookup service via the replicator gui and re-applied the settings. The error message disappeared.