VCP-IaaS Exam Experience

Earlier today I passed my VCP-IasS exam. The exam is 90 minutes long and consists of 85 questions. There is survey before you begin which enquires about your experiences and competency with vCloud Director. I’m not sure if this has any weighting as to what questions you get!

I already have a VCP (4&5) so I just needed to pass the VCP-IaaS to become VCP-Cloud accredited.  I believe there will soon be direct VCP-Cloud exam with the only pre-requisite having to attend a Deploy and Manage the VMware cloud (4 day) course.

I don’t think i’m allowed to give any specifics away from the exam but a lot of the questions were network (NAT, vShield, Firewall, Routed etc ) and resource based with quite a few exhibits thrown in as well. There were questions on Chargeback which was my achilles heel. I think I did ok with them considering.


You’ll need to be able to drive vCloud Director and know where certain components are – without being able to see the GUI of course.


Resources I used to pass were:

– Official guides listed in the blueprint – Larus has very neatly dissected the blueprint. With this and reading the official guides you’ll have a good basis to study from. – Good practice questions – A few good articles by Duncan Epping which make things clearer. Especially Allocation Models.

– VCP-Iaas Practice Exam on

And of course

– Labs. Practice setting up and using vCloud Director and all its components (vShield Manager, vShield App, vCloud Connector, vCenter Chargeback)