Ahsay: Uploaded file size incorrect.

Scenario: One of your users suddenly starts getting an error with the message “uploaded file size incorrect”

Looking at the attached logfiles we can see the file size incorrect message when trying to upload a MySQL directory (there is an argument to suggest excluding this directory and using the MySQL feature in Ahsay but the user didnt want to do that)



The first thing to try is to rebuild the user storage with verify checksum enabled

[Manage User] -> [User Profile], you should see an option called [File Validation Option], clicking on this will display the options. Enable the [Verify Checksum] option, and click on the [Check] button to start the single user rebuild.


This may solve the problem. If it doesn’t work then you may have to remove the *.bdb files from the home user directory.



You might get a “file is in use” error which will prevent youfrom deleting these files. If so then you’ll have to stop the Ahsay OBS, delete the files then start the OBS.



Once you have removed the files and the OBS has been restarted then you will need to run the single user rebuild again.