Analytics Service Registration with Component Manager Failed


I attempted to migrate a vsphere 6.0 U3 environment to 6.7 U3. This included a VCenter (Win 2008), External PSC (Win 2008) and external MS SQL 2008 (Win 2008) to the  VCSA with external PSC appliances.



During the PSC imigration  the following error appeared – after the new appliance was deployed and old PSC turned off

Error: Analytics Service registration with Component Manager failed



In the log files (analytics_firstboot.py_6604_stderr.log) I could see the following error:

2020-04-21T19:11:27.717Z  Failed to register Analytics Service with Component Manager: hostname 'jord-sso01.jord.local' doesn't match ''

So the error appeared to be a reverse DNS entry on my NameServers – which I should have checked before upgrading. 🙂