Display Fractional Reserve on Ontap 9.9

We had an issue where we had turned on fractional reserve using ontap 9.6 then upgraded to 9.9. It appears the new GUI does not display if fractional reserve is enabled or not. I believe from Ontap version 9.7 and below you cannot switch back to the classic view so to the command prompt we go!

To find this via the CLI use the following command:

Cluster1::> vol show -vserver svm01 -fields fractional-reserve


vserver | volume | fractional-reserve

svm01 vol01 0%
svm01 vol02 100%
svm01 svm01_root 100%

3 entries were displayed.

As you can see the svm01_vol02 has 100% fractional reserve

Now, how do we turn it off? 🙂

Cluster::> volume modify -fractional-reserve 0 -vserver svm01 -volume vol2