February, 2013

Ahsay: Uploaded file size incorrect.

February 21, 2013 Jordansphere Ahsay

Scenario: One of your users suddenly starts getting an error with the message “uploaded file size incorrect” Looking at the attached logfiles we can see the file size incorrect message when trying to upload a MySQL directory (there is an argument to suggest excluding this directory and using the MySQL feature in Ahsay but the […]


ahsay Uploaded file size incorrect,

Login Incorrect when connecting from FreeBSD to SQL Server 2008 via FreeTDS

February 6, 2013 Jordansphere FreeBSD

Scenario: I wanted to connect to an SQL server 2008 from a FreeBSD 8.2 machine using PHP5.3 and FreeTDS. We have a similar set up on another server running FreeBSD 7.2 with PHP 5.2 . This is still running in production and connecting to the same DB server successfully. The logical thing to do was […]


freebsd freedts php pdo pdo_dblib sql 2008,

Adding a static route on a QNAP

February 5, 2013 Jordansphere Qnap

Scenario I have two QNAPS on two different sites. Both have similar setups. On each site there is a management network and storage network. I wanted to test QNAP replication by  backing up over an MPLS (storage network). The only problem is that the default gateway is needed for the management network. QNAP does not allow […]


Rebuilding RAID after degraded disk using 3dm2 management CLI

February 5, 2013 Jordansphere Linux

Scenario I was using Openfiler on a reconditioned server with 6x2TB disks (4xRAID5, 2x RAID1). This was my Veeam Backup repository (via ISCSI to a pRDM). The device started playing up and was completely unresponsive. I couldnt log into the console of the openfiler server. After a hard reset it rebooted but could not find the RAID […]


openfiler 3dm2 3ware degraded,

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