Single LUN Inactive on One Host

March 4, 2015 Jordansphere Equallogic

Scenario: I have 7 hosts connecting to an Equallogic Group (2 x 6000s). There are 3 LUNs visible to each host and locked down to specific ISCI IP range. ( eg All 6 hosts could see all 3 luns but one 1 host could only see 2 of the 3 LUNs available.  The protocol is […]


Safely Removing and Adding a Physical RDM

September 16, 2014 Jordansphere ESXi

Scenario: I have a Physical RDM directly attached to a Virtual Machine (Windows 2008 R2) over a storage network. This was formatted as NTFS on my E: drive. I wanted to physically re-locate the box from one rack to another which would involve shutting down and moving the storage deivce (OpenFiler). The cabling was ready. Here are […]


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