February, 2016

Postfix : Delete All Messages in Mail Queue

February 26, 2016 Jordansphere Linux

To delete all messages in a mail queue running Postfix  run the following command: # postsuper -d ALL deferred  


all, delete, mail queue, mailq, message,

PowerCLI Script to Get Number of CPUs, RAM and Provisioned HDD Size

February 25, 2016 Jordansphere VMware

The following script looks at particular folder (finance) on a vCenter Server then for each VM gets the number of CPUs, memory in GB and calculates the combined size of all HDDs. This is then exported to a csv file.   Connect-VIServer -Server {hostname} -User {username} -Password {password} Get-Folder 'Finance' | Get-VM | Sort Name -descending| Select-Object […]


combined, CPU, esxi, HDD, memoryGB,

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