Make Subordinate Primary UCS

Problem: After a successful firmware upgrade of a UCSM and Fabric Interconnects (4.0.4 -> 4.1.3), Fabric B continued to be primary. I wanted to fail this back over. Solution: To make the Fabric A the primary again, SSH to Fabric B and use the following commands:

Applying moref Properties. Remote-Invocation-Error: FSM Retries Exhausted Error

Problem When importing a configuration to a new Fabric Interconnect (6400) I got the following error: [FSM:FAILED]: Applying moref properties(FSM:sam:dme:MorefImportRootApplyMoRefs). Remote-Invocation-Error: FSM Retries Exhausted To find out what is pending – SSH to the FI and run the following I wasn’t concerned with these so to clear the import up.

The Server Does Not Appear to Be Responding. Please Check That Power Is Connected and That the Cisco IMC IP Address Is Correct

Problem When logging into the CIMC of the Cisco s3260 I got the following message: “The server does not appear to be responding. Please check that power is connected and that the Cisco IMC IP address is correct.” Resolution This is known incompatibility bug using the Google Chrome browser. Use an alternative browser and it Read More…

Telnet from Cisco UCS

Problem: Ciscco UCS was not backing up the configuration via SFTP. I wanted to check I could connect to the backup server from the UCS on port 22 (SSH)   Resolution: Execute the following commands using your desired SSH Client. I have used Putty in this example. 1) SSH to the Cisco UCS and enter Read More…

Backing Up Cisco UCS

Pre-requisites: You will need an FTP, TFTP, SCP or SFTP target. In this example I have created an SFTP destination on a CentOS 7 server. To schedule a backup of a Cisco UCS configuration simply log into the UCS Manager:   Select Admin on the left hand side frame -> Policy Backup & Export -> Fill Read More…