April, 2014

UNMAP – Reclaim Space on Equallogic via VMware Datastores

April 11, 2014 Jordansphere Equallogic

Scenario: We have a 2TB LUN thin provisioned on an Equallogic group. This is is used for a VMFS5 datastore on an ESXi 5.1 cluster. We were getting warnings from the SANs LUN is over our warning threshold. However, VMWare was reporting nowhere near that limit. Using the UNMAP facility available in ESXi 5.0u1 + we are […]


Intermittent Loss of Connectivity to Storage – ESXi

April 2, 2014 Jordansphere Qnap

Network:  A small private cloud which containted two ESxi 5.0 hosts and a Dell Powervault SAN connected via stacked Cisco 3750s. A pRDM is attached to one VM which was directly connected through to a QNAP TS-859U-RP+ on the storage network.. Each Esxi host contains 3 VMs. Scenario:  All 3 VMs on ESXi1 became unavailble. Ping was still accessible but […]


PHP White Screen

April 2, 2014 Jordansphere Apache

Scenario: A new webserver setup. HTML pages load fine but PHP shows blank white screen. Apache 2.x / Centos 6.x / PHP 5.3.3   First of all make sure PHP is installed. Then ensure the following lines are in the Apache configuration LoadModule php5_module modules/libphp5.so AddHandler php5-script .php If the same symptoms still persist then […]


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