January, 2016

Telnet Using Source IP Address On a Cisco

January 14, 2016 Jordansphere Hardware

I ran into a spot of bother trying to get to a remote router due to incorrect access list.  To save me a long drive I came across the following command so I could telnet using the source IP address rather than just the interface. # telnet {ip} /source-interface {interface} /route:{sourceIP} eg # telnet […]


Copying a File to Flash on a Cisco Router Using SCP

January 11, 2016 Jordansphere Hardware

In this scenario I had a router with the same config as a live router . I wanted to configure everything correctly for the customer so they could just replace the current router. To get everything ready I would have to install a license key on the router. As the router could not connect to the […]


scp cisco mac osx,

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