December, 2019

HP DL460c Blade Randomly Not Recognising SD Card on Reboot

December 4, 2019 Jordansphere ESXi

Problem When we reboot an HP DL460c Gen9 blade approximately 50% of the time it would not find the SD card and thus not boot.    Resolution When booting -> Press F9 (System Utilities) -> System Configuraion -> BIOS/Platform Configuration (RBSU) -> System Options -> USB Options -> USB 3.0 Mode. Set to Auto   Save […]


Create LACP Bond Interface in Centos 7

December 2, 2019 Jordansphere Linux

Issue I had two 10Gb ports I wanted to bond in Dynamic Link Aggegration (802.3ad) To get the network interface list use: nmcli connection In my output I wanted to use ens1f0 and ens1f1 interfaces   Steps 1)  Create Bond Interface (bond0) nmcli con add type bond con-name bond0 ifname bond0 mode 4 ip4 […]


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