February, 2017

Error 25085. Setup Failed to Register VMware vSphere Update Manager Extension to VMware Vcenter Server:

February 23, 2017 Jordansphere VMware

Problem: When upgrading Update Manger from 5.5 to to 6.0.0 U2 on a new windows machine: Error 25085. Setup failed to register VMware vSphere Update Manager extension to VMware Vcenter Server:    The installer rolled back. Looking in the logs vminst.log file located in  %Temp% VMware Update Manager-build-3545890: 02/23/17 10:49:25 INFO: Reg/UnReg extn command: ["-v […]


Error 25085, Error 255, Setup Failed to Register VMware vSphere Update Manager Extension, Vcetner, VUM,

Upgrade to vCenter 6.0 failed on vSphere Auto Deploy Waiter Firstboot

February 21, 2017 Jordansphere VMware

Problem: I was upgrading from Windows based vCenter 5.5 2e to 6.0.0. U2. The install was going fine and most services had started (including the vCenter Server service) but the installation failed on the following:   First Error: Error while configuring vSphere Auto Deploy Waiter firstboot.       Second Error: Installation of component VCSServiceManager […]


Setup Located a VCenter Server Database but Not the Companion SSL Certificates

February 16, 2017 Jordansphere VMware

Due to an SSL issue, an upgrade from vCenter 5.5 Update 2b to 6.0.0 U2 failed. Using KB:2110943 I tried replacing the certificates but after much deliberation with VMware Support, they recommended I completely uninstall vCenter and re-install it to the latest version of 5.5 (Update 3e at the time of writing). I followed the instructions from the KB:   […]


installation, ssl, vcenter, vmware,

Critical Hardware Component Failure. C2F Power Module Has Insufficient Hold Time

February 15, 2017 Jordansphere Dell

Problem: A Dell Equallogic 6100X threw an alert via email. Upon logging into the GUI I could see secondary controller was showing a battery fail and the error :   Severity  Date and Time        Member          ID       Message                   […]


Error: The User Associated With the DSN Has Insufficient Privileges

February 8, 2017 Jordansphere VMware

I was just about to upgrade vCenter 5.5 u2 -> 6.0 u2 . DB Server: MS SQL 2008 R2 SP2.  During the pre-upgrade checks I got the following error   Error: The user associated with the DSN has insufficient privileges Resolution: Provide sufficient privileges for the user gy granting the following permissions: * VIEW SERVER STATE […]


vCenter Service Failed to Restart After Windows Updates

February 6, 2017 Jordansphere VMware

My vCenter ( 5.5 u2) currently resides on a Windows 2008 R2 virtual machine. The OS required some Windows updates which were successfully installed and rebooted. Upon the server restart, the vCenter service failed to start. In the Event Viewer I could see the following error:   The description for Event ID 1000 from source VMware […]


Changing Source IP Address using NAT Policy on Sonicwall

February 1, 2017 Jordansphere Sonicwall

I wanted to test a service where an internal IP address behind a Sonicwall used a different public IP address when connecting to a particular remote POP3 server. The following screenshot shows how this can applied   Jordansphere-PrivateIP = Alt-External-IP = spare public IP address that was allocated to my connection via ISP mail.jordansphere.co.uk = REMOTE IP address […]


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