Zerto – Delete from Disk and Remove From Inventory Grayed Out

January 29, 2018 Jordansphere Zerto

Problem A customer did a Zerto test failover for a few VMs – which sadly failed. They ended up deleting the VPG and recreating it. This allowed them to complete the failover test and live migrate from Primary to DR (which is where these boxes will live). However, they were left with the old VMs in an […]


Zerto: Disk Resized: Volume Resized for VMs

September 8, 2017 Jordansphere Zerto

Problem: Zerto job started failing with error Needs configuration. Reason: Disk Resized: Volume resized for vms: {VMNAME}   Resolution:   It appears the VM had its disk increased. I tried to force sync but that did not work so the following steps were taken. Edit VPG -> VMs > {Remove desired VM from protection}  -> {Select do […]


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