June, 2014

Change DocumentRoot of main site in CPanel

June 26, 2014 Jordansphere Cpanel

To change the document root of a main site in CPanel you'll need root SSH access. Note that you will be able to change an "Add on domains" via the GUI.   # vi /var/cpanel/userdata/{myusername}/{jordansphere.co.uk} Once in Vi change the documentroot: /home/{username}/public_html  to whatever you want (eg /home/{username}/public_html/jordansphere.co.uk ) Afterwards you'll need to run this command: […]


cpanel documentroot change,

Substitute in Vi

June 24, 2014 Jordansphere Linux

Scenario: I wanted to substitute one HEX code for another in a stylesheet # vi stylesheet.css Once in Vi :1, $ s/e5e5e5/1A1A33/g  


vi substitute,

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