December, 2020

List VLANs and VLAN Groups from Cisco UCS Manager using PowerShell

December 7, 2020 Jordansphere Uncategorized

1) Download and install Cisco UCS Powertool suite (in this example i will be using v2.4.1.3) 2) Install UCS Manager Module Install-Module -Name Cisco.UCSManager -RequiredVersion 3) Start Powertool suite and list modules: Get-Command -module Cisco.UCSManager | more 4) Connect to the UCS Manager Connect-Ucs -Name {} 5) List VLANs and their VLAN Groups  Get-UcsFabricNetGroup […]


Find Temperature of CPU on Cisco s3260

December 4, 2020 Jordansphere Cisco UCS

Problem I got an alert on a Cisco S-Series that CPU #1 and the rear temp was high in Zabbix (over 65c). There were no alerts via the CIMC GUI These temperatures did not match the sensors located in the GUI so i needed to track down where the values were actually coming from.   Solution SSH […]


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