Find Temperature of CPU on Cisco s3260

December 4, 2020 Jordansphere Cisco UCS

Problem I got an alert on a Cisco S-Series that CPU #1 and the rear temp was high in Zabbix (over 65c). There were no alerts via the CIMC GUI These temperatures did not match the sensors located in the GUI so i needed to track down where the values were actually coming from.   Solution SSH […]


Increase iNodes on Netapp FAS

May 28, 2020 Jordansphere NetApp

Problem Our alerting system notified us that inodes were nearing the system limit on a CIFS share (aka unipod_cifs) on a FAS running ONTap 9   Solution The following command will shiow current usage syntax volume show  {cifs_name} -fields files, files-used command  volume show unipod_cifs -fields files, files-used     To increase the inodes use the following syntax […]


Convert NetApp Ports from FC to CNA

March 11, 2020 Jordansphere NetApp

Problem I wanted to convert two FC ports to CNA (10Gb eth) mode on a Netapp AFF-300. The ports in question are 0e and 0f.  Steps The following will work for FAS units as well. Display internfaces: sannapp02::> ucadmin show                        Current  Current    Pending  Pending   […]


New Node Gets Stuck in PendingActive State – NetApp Solidfire

November 25, 2019 Jordansphere NetApp

Problem: When trying to add a new NetApp Solidfire (H610S4) node to an existing cluster the node became locked in a PendingActive state.   Troubleshooting The log files showed the following error: 2019-11-25T13:47:50.149221Z node-sans11 master-1[26688]: [Bootstrapper] 26749 TickerIOService ms/Bootstrapper.cpp:1648:RunClusterSearch|Error in cluster search: ex=xInvalidVirtualNetwork at solidfire::IPAddress solidfire::VirtualNetworkInfo::ReserveAddress() (shared/VirtualNetworkInfo.cpp:302): Too few IP addresses supplied for VirtualNetwork 8   […]


Safely Removing and Adding a Physical RDM

September 16, 2014 Jordansphere ESXi

Scenario: I have a Physical RDM directly attached to a Virtual Machine (Windows 2008 R2) over a storage network. This was formatted as NTFS on my E: drive. I wanted to physically re-locate the box from one rack to another which would involve shutting down and moving the storage deivce (OpenFiler). The cabling was ready. Here are […]


iSCSI Storage in VMware – A Quick Overview

September 10, 2014 Jordansphere Equallogic

Today I will be writing a very brief overview on iSCSI storage and how it fits into a VMware environment. In this example I will be referring to a small cloud I have set up using a 3 host ESXi (5.1)  cluster which connects to an Equallogic SAN using a software initiator.   What is iSCSI? iSCSI encapsulates […]


Intermittent iSCSI Connections to Dell MD3200i

September 4, 2014 Jordansphere Dell

Setup: 2 ESXI 5.0 hosts, connecting to a Dell MD3200i SAN via stacked Cisco switches. The setup has 3 LUNS. Problem: The small, private cloud with a webserver and backend DB server (amongst a few other servers ) became inaccessible from the outside world via HTTP/SSH etc. Upon inspection it appeared that the iSCSI storage was flapping. vCenter […]


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