June, 2013

Traffic Shaping on Cisco using rate-limit

June 28, 2013 Jordansphere Hardware

Here are the rate limit commands in action :  rate-limit {direction} {shaped} {normal burst} {extended burst} conform-action {option} {option} direction = input or output shaped = Speed you want to traffic shape in bits normal burst = (shaped / 8) * 1.5  extended burst = (normal burst * 2)    Example: Cap a connection at 20mbps […]


Installing NRPE and Nagios-Plugins on Centos 6 (64bit) with IPTables

June 24, 2013 Jordansphere Linux

Scenario: We have several remote BSD (NRPE) and Windows servers (NSClient++) that we already actively monitor. We wanted to add a Centos 6 machine to our monitoring list. On the Centos server we also have IPTables installed. Nagios-Plugins and NRPE arent available via the official Centos repositories so we will need to use a third-party. […]


iptables nagios centos nrpe,

Backup MySQL Database Daily and Keep for 7 days

June 20, 2013 Jordansphere MySQL

Here is a script I quickly wrote to mysqldump a single database and keep 7 days worth of backups. #!/bin/bash # Script – mysqlbackup.sh # Created by Jordansphere – 20/Jun/13 DATADIR=”/home/mysqlbackups” USERNAME=username PASSWORD=password NOW=$(date +”%d-%m-%Y”) #BACKUP DATABASE in date format (eg “MyDatabase-20-6-2013.sql”) /usr/bin/mysqldump -u $USERNAME -p$PASSWORD –databases MyDatabase > /home/mysqlbackups/MyDatabase.$NOW.sql # REMOVE BACKUPS MORE THAN […]


weekly mysqdump mysql backup one week,

Flash LEDs on Equallogic via CLI

June 6, 2013 Jordansphere Equallogic

If you want to flash the LEDs on an Equallogic array whilst plugged into the Serial port (or via SSH/Telnet) then run these commands   When on the CLI: # member show This will output the member(s) information Name                 Status Version Disks Capacity FreeSpace Connections ——————– ——- […]


Changing Equallogic Replication Target

June 6, 2013 Jordansphere Equallogic

Scenario: I have a Equalliogic Group (Lets call this Group1 which has a single PS4000X  member – FW 5.1.2) which replicates a 2TB volume to Group2 (PS6000XV – FW 5.2.8). I wanted to stop this and replicate it to Group3 ( PS6100X  – FW 6.0.4)   Firstly you’ll need to check if it is possible/compatible […]


Equallogic replication new target,

Veeam Backup Error: VDDK command cannot be completed in reasonable time

June 5, 2013 Jordansphere Veeam

Issue We have a Veeam Repository Server  ( located in Datacentre 1. We have a 1Gb link to Datacentre 2 which houses a Veeam Proxy server. The Veeam Repository Server calls all the jobs both locally in DC1 and in DC2 remotely. All backup data is stored locally – via pRDMs – to their DC (so […]


veeam vddk timeout cbt soap fault,

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