Disable Firewalld in CentOS 7

July 18, 2016 Jordansphere Linux

Simple instructions on how to stop, disable and the check the status of firewall   1) Stop the firewalld service # systemctl stop firewalld   2) Disable the firewalld service from starting # systemctl disable firewalld   3) Check the status of the firewalld service # systemctl status firewalld  


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Useful Exim Commands

March 10, 2016 Jordansphere Linux

Here are some useful CLI commands when dealing with mail queues on EXIM:   List amount of messages in the queue /usr/sbin/exim -bpc   List all messages in the queue /usr/sbin/exim -bp   Get a summary of the current mail queue /usr/sbin/exim -bp | exiqsumm Here is an example output Count  Volume  Oldest  Newest  Domain […]


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Enable Quotas on CentOS 6

October 15, 2015 Jordansphere Linux

In this example I will be checking all user quotas on an LVM which is mounted as /data    1)  The first  step will be to check the fstab. As we see there are no mount options for quotas # cat /etc/fstab # /dev/mapper/centos-root / ext4 defaults 1 1 UUID=2fd24677-cf50-420b-a3dd-cea7c29aa185 /boot ext4 defaults 1 2 /dev/mapper/centos-swap […]


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