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Debug NSX Edge Traffic

September 24, 2019 Jordansphere NSX

OS: NSX Edge: 6.4.x   Show routing table show ip route   Show Interfaces show int   Display debug information on a specific interface debug packet display interface {int_name} eg debug packet display interface vNic_2   Display debug information on specific interface and remote host debug packet display interface {int_name} host_{IP Address}  eg debug packet display […]


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vCloud Director 8.20 – API to Grant Privileges to Advanced Gateway

March 13, 2018 Jordansphere vCloud Director

Problem: After upgrading to Advanced Gateway Edge in VCD 8.20 the user is unable to access the new tenant portal due to a permissions issue Example of error message: You need some or all of the following rights [ORG_VDC_GATEWAY_CONFIGURE_SSH, ORG_VDC_GATEWAY_VIEW_SSH] to perform operations [GATEWAY_VIEW_SSH] for (com.vmware.vcloud.entity.gateway:c2c63647-82e7-4a40-8167-xxxxxxxxxx) Solution: To fix the issue a vCloud Director administrator will […]


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