Copying a File to Flash on a Cisco Router Using SCP

In this scenario I had a router with the same config as a live router . I wanted to configure everything correctly for the customer so they could just replace the current router. To get everything ready I would have to install a license key on the router. As the router could not connect to the Internet I had a few options:


  1. Enable SCP on the router itself and copy the file from Macbook -> Cisco
  2. Enable TFTP server on Macbook and transfer file that way.
  3. Enable SSH on my MacBook and copy file from Cisco.


As I was under a time constraint option 3 seemed to be the quickest;

Firstly we need to enable SSH on the Macbook. 

System Preferences -> Sharing -> Click Remote Login -> (optional) You may also have to add a user if you want allow restricted access


Now all we have to do is issue the SCP command from Cisco to grab the file from the Macbook.


Jordansphere-1941#copy scp: flash:
Address or name of remote host []?
Source username [jordansphere]? 
Source filename []? Data-PAK.lic
Destination filename [Data-PAK.lic]
 Sending file modes: C0644 1146 Data-Pak.lic
1146 bytes copied in 44.440 secs (26 bytes/sec)