Change Passwords in Nutanix

There are 4 different sets of passwords in Nutanix.

  1. Prism User
  2. CVM
  3. IPMI
  4. Hypervisor (AHV)

The following are instructions on how to reset the password for each set :

  1. Prism User

This can be changed via nCLI or GUI (web console)

a) nCLi (from CVM)

ncli> user change-password current-password="{currentPassword} new-password="{newPassword}


ncli> jordansphere current-password="cheese01" new-password="password123"

b) GUI

Log in with user you want to change the password for -> Select user at top right -> Change Password

2. CVM User

To Reset CVM Password

SSH to CVM using nutanix username -> Change nutanix user password

nutanix@cvm$ passwd 


Log in to IPMI GUI via an admin user -> Go to admin user configuration -> Modify user -> Update with new password

4. AHV

Log in to host via SSH -> Change root password

root@ahv# passwd root