Error: Unused Cluster Ports Exist in the Cluster – Netapp AFF C190 Setup Failure


When trying to create new two node cluster on a Netapp C190.

Trying to create cluster again as previous attempt failed. Error: Unused cluster ports exist in the cluster. One or more ports may not be in the “healthy” state, or may be incorrectly assigned to the “Cluster” Ipspace. Run “network port show -ipspace Cluster” to view the cluster ports. Correct any issues, and then try the command again.

network port show
network port show -ipspace Cluster
network interface show -role Cluster

It appears that controller A could see port e0a only whereas controller B could see ports e0a and e0b which is why it was failing.


This appears to be a known bug with controller A on the C190s

Power cycle the node

First we need to set the Service Processor

system service-processor network modify -node local -address-family IPv4 -enable true -ip-address -netmask -gateway

Then SSH to the SP and type

system power cycle

This is required rather than a reboot.

NOTE: I have seen this NOT fix this issue and had to reset a port as it was flapping.