Flash LEDs on Equallogic via CLI

June 6, 2013 Jordansphere Equallogic

If you want to flash the LEDs on an Equallogic array whilst plugged into the Serial port (or via SSH/Telnet) then run these commands


When on the CLI:

# member show

This will output the member(s) information

Name                 Status Version Disks Capacity FreeSpace Connections
——————– ——- ———- —– ———- ———- ———–
SAN6000XV-A online V6.0.4 (R3 16 5.49TB 4.81TB 022829)

Now select the array (SAN6000XV-A in my case)

# member select SAN6000XV-A

Let the flashing begin! Type:

# locate enable

This will make 3 orange lights on the bottom of the Equllogic (6000XV  in my case) flash continuously.


Note: The option is also available via the GUI by right clicking the member and selecting Start LEDs Flashing.



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