Route Commands on ESXi, VCSA, Linux & Windows

August 28, 2019 Jordansphere Linux

Sample route commands    Windows Show routing table route print Add a persistent route ROUTE -p ADD MASK   ESXi Show routing table esxcfg-route -l  Show routing table for specific stack esxcfg-route -l -N (stack name) Add route esxcli network ip route ipv4 add –gateway –network   VCSA Show routing […]


routing table ESxi, routing table Linux, routing table VCSA, routing table Windows, static route Centos,

Cross vCenter-vMotion Fails

August 22, 2019 Jordansphere VMware

Scenario: Site A (source) – vCenter 6.0 U3 – Vmks in vmotion TCP/IP Stack Site B (destination) – VCSA 6.7 U2 – Vmks in vmotion TCP/IP Stack Error Message on destination host: From vpxa.logs on destination host 2019-08-15T12:40:47.088Z cpu57:2346322)WARNING: Migrate: 6189: 1565872539754355 D: Migration considered a failure by the VMX.  It is most likely a timeout, […]


Check the vMotion network settings and physical network configuration, cross vcernter vmotion, cross venter vmotion, The vMotion migrations failed because the ESX hosts were not able to connect over the vMotion network,

VCSA Backups Fail

August 22, 2019 Jordansphere VMware

Issue Using FTPS to backup the VCSA 6.7 U2 configuration I got the following error: Error: Structure has a union with a field not required for this case = end_time Resolution Investigating the issue it appears the FTP login was a success and the directories were created successfully but when the process tried to […]


Error: Structure has a union with a field not required for this case = end_time,

File System Specific Implementation of LookupAndOpen[file] Failed

August 15, 2019 Jordansphere Veeam

Issue: A Veeam Proxy VM halted during a back up run and powering back on was unsuccessful   Troubleshooting When trying to restart I was presented with the following error and the VM failed to start File system specific implementation of LookupAndOpen[file] failed   Solution Upon further investigation the Veeam Proxy had a Hot-Added disk still attached. I […]


File System Specific Implementation of LookupAndOpen[file] Failed, Hot Add, veeam, Veeam Proxy,

Vmkping Using vMotion Stack

August 14, 2019 Jordansphere VMware

Issue: I wanted to test connectivity via the vMotion Stack on a vSphere 6.7 host   Syntax   vmkping -I {vmk} -S vmotion {IP} eg vmkping -I vmk1 -S vmotion  


vmkping over vmotion stack,

SSO Drift – The Authentication Server Returned Error

June 18, 2019 Jordansphere VMware

Problem In a Vsphere 6.5 environment running an external PSC we had an issue where the time occasionally drifted leaving users unable to login. The VCSA and PSC both synced with the same NTP servers but seems to occur now and again.       Resolution To fix the issue, SSH to both VCSA and PSC […]


A Server error occurred, The authentication server returned an unexpected error nso:RequestedFailed, The error may be caused by a malfunctioning identity source,

ESXi 6.5 – 503 Service Unavailable

June 10, 2019 Jordansphere ESXi

Problem There was a storage issue which caused one particular host not to recover correctly.  I was unable to login to the ESXi GUI and when I tried to restart the management services the GUI completely stopped functioning with the following error: 503 Service Unavailable (Failed to connect to endpoint: [N7Vmacore4Http16LocalServiceSpecE:0x03ff40e8] _serverNamespace = / action = […]


ESxI gui 503,

Host profile apply failed with error: Error: A specified parameter was not found

June 3, 2019 Jordansphere ESXi

Issue: Running vSphere 6.7 I applied a host profile to a cluster. A couple of hosts didnt like the host profile so I decided to detach it entriely.  I was still presented with the error: Host profile apply failed with error: Error: A specified parameter was not found   Resolution There are two ways of […]


host profile error, host profiled apply failed,

NSX Alert: Possible DHCP DOS Attack on Host

April 1, 2019 Jordansphere ESXi

Problem Running NSX. 6.4.3. An error was keep appearing on one of our 6.7 ESXi hosts: NSX Alert: Possible DHCP DOS attack on host   Resolution I believe this is a false positive from a bug in 6.4.x To check if there are any issues log into the affected ESXi host and run the following […]


NSX Alert, Possible DHCP DOS Attack on Host,

Determine vCenter Build in 5.5

March 22, 2019 Jordansphere VMware

To check the vCenter build: 1) via C++ Client Help -> About VMware Vsphere   2) Via Web Client Home -> Vcenter -> vCenter Servers -> {Select vCenter server} -> Summary 


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