Remove Drives from Pool in Netapp E-Series


I needed to remove a drive from a Pool in a Netapp E5760 in order to be a hot spare


You need to do this via SMCLI or Run the query from Santricity. As you have to install Santricity for access to SMCLI, I just used the Manager software to run the query.

From Santricity Manager -> {Select the array} -> Tools -> Execute Script

Enter the code:

In this example I am removing Shelf 1, Drawer 1, Disk 0

set diskPool ["MY-pool"]

You have the option of “verify, verify and execute or execute” to proceed

Example output:

You can view the progress by going to Home -> Operations in Progress in the GUI

Note: There are some caveats before doing this like required amount of space so please use Netapp guide before proceeding.

You can then repurpose the disk.