Remove vCloud Director and Components

To  completely uninstall vCloud Director 1.5 and its components then use the following steps as a guidline:

1) Log into your VCD administrators portal and remove everything possible. That includes VMs, VAPPs, VSEs, networks, organizations etc

2) Disable then Unprepare Hosts (this requires maintenance mode)

Just for reference. If you ever want to manually put your hosts in maintenance mode when you have a live VCD installation then make sure you DO NOT untick Turn On vSphere DRS. I cannot stress this enough. DO NOT DO IT!  This will cause havoc with you vCloud installation by essentially removing your resource vcd pools. Instead make sure you just turn the Automation Level to Manual


There is a good post by Chris Colotti here which explains all:

3) Remove provider VDC and anything else in VCD that has been left over.


4) Unregister any non-required extension in vCenter – via MOB
    Go to https://your-vcenter-ip
    Click "Browse Objects managed by vSphere" (at this point you'll be prompted with authorisation credentials
    Click Content
    Click Extension Manager

    You'll then see a screen like below:


    In this case I want to remove "vCloud Director-1" & "com.vmware.vShieldManager" (I had already removed vCenter Chargeback before I took the screenshot). Take a note of these names. Yours will probably be slightly different in your installation.

    Click Unregister Extension
    Enter the name of extension (one by one) into the VALUE field
    Click Invoke Method

5) Now we can delete any VMs that we no longer need; such as vCloud Director, vCenter Chargeback  and vShield Manager


6) Finally – remove any remaining folders and/or resource pools that VCD created via vCenter


Your system should now be clean!