Upgrade Firepower Management Center (FMC)

In this example we will be upgrading Firepower Management Center virtual appliance (formerly known as Firesight) from version to 6.1.0-33.  This process needs to take place before the Firepower sensors are upgraded.



Ensure you have backups of the FMC. As its virtual I'd also recommend taking a snapshot as well.


Check the upgrade path on the Cisco website




Run in the pre-installation (optional but recommended) package


Ref: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/security/firepower/610/relnotes/Firepower_System_Release_Notes_Pre_Installation_Package_Version_610.html#35807


Download the pre-installation package (Sourcefire_3D_Defense_Center_S3_Pre-install- from Cisco website.

Upload the update to the FMC:   

System -> Updates -> Product Updates -> Upload Update -> {Browse download} -> Upload




Ensure all devices are communicating correctly and there are no running tasks

System -> Health -> Monitor



Install Pre-Install package

System -> Updates -> {Install Icon}

Note: No reboot is required.



Upload upgrade package & run readiness check

Download update (in this case: Sourcefire_3D_Defense_Center_S3_Upgrade-6.1.0-330.sh )  from Cisco website then upload to the appliance. (like in steps above)

SSH to appliance and run following commands:


sudo install_update.pl --readiness-check /var/sf/updates/{filename}

Command to run in our example:

sudo install_update.pl --readiness-check /var/sf/updates/Sourcefire_3D_Defense_Center_S3_Upgrade-6.1.0-330.sh


(you will be prompted for password}




Monitor progress and confirm process completes successfully.


Upgrade FMC

Click the install icon:




Confirm install



You can see the status of the install :


Eventually you will be logged out. If you decide to log back in you can see the status of the update:


Finally the appliance will reboot:



You should then be able to connect back into your appliance and check the status of the update.