No Datastores Accessible – VDC 5.1

Scenario: I  provisioned a new datastore (VCLOUD2) then added it to the Datastore Cluster vCloudDatastoreCluster). Shortly afterwards  Igot the error "No datastores accesible to VDC" and my original datasore (vCloud1) had disappeared.

OS: Esxi 5.1 / vCloud Director 5.1


My original setup

I then added VCLOUD2 to the DS Cluster. (drag datastore into the cluster)

Everything seemed to work fine. No errors.


All looked fine. No errors. However, a few minutes later vCloud Director started freaking out:



The original datastore (and cluster) had disappeared from VCD 5.1.1

The actual problem was that the VCLOUD2 datastore did not have the same User-Defined Storage Capability as the original datastore.

To fix this : Right click original datastore (vCloud1) and Assign User-Defined Storage Capability . Take a note of the value in Name (in my case it was just called Standard) and press Cancel. Alternatively  in Vcenter click Home -> Management -> VM Storage Profiles to the view the Storage Capabilities.

Now right click the new datastore you added to the cluster (VCLOUD2) and click Assign User-Defined Storage Capability again. Now select the same profile as from the original DS in the drop down box and press OK.

NOTE: You should do this before adding the datastore to the cluster in the first the place!

Bingo. Luckily it was just a test environment ! 🙂


Official KB: KB2045143